The Ipoh ACS Alumni Dinner 2014

It’s Party time again!  Time to REUNITE . RECONNECT . RE-LIVE . sweet memories from Yesterday Once More…..book your dinner seats now for an evening of fun, cheer and reminiscence! — Saturday, 2nd August, 2014 @ Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites, Ipoh.

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Scholarships for 2014 bestowed by Ipoh ACS Old Salts (Alumni)

Do you know that the Alumni Association runs a Scholarship Fund based on merit for the poor and needy students of our Alma Mater, supported entirely by the Ipoh ACS Old Salts?

A total of 34 scholarships are awarded to date at an aggregate value of RM25,200 to students of the Ipoh ACS.  Another 6 Merit Scholarships at RM1,200 each will be awarded to Lower Six students on their enrolment in May 2014.  A total of 40 scholarships worth RM32,400 is expected to be awarded for the year.

Check out the recipients of scholarships bestowed by the Ipoh ACS Old Salts (Alumni) for the year 2014.  Thank you for the financial support of all the Contributors.

YOU! can make a difference too.  Your contribution will provide hot meals and the purchase of revision books for the needy students.

Make a difference today!  Contact us @ ipohacsalumni@gmail.com.


Welcome to the 43rd Principal of Our Alma Mater

Mr. Lee Weng Woh succeeded Mrs. Lee Hock Hin (nee Soot Mooy Ching) who had left on retirement. He assumed his 4-year tenure of office on 23rd October 2013.

Our Alumni Association bids Mrs. Lee a happy retirement and extends a warm welcome to Mr. Lee, the new Head.

Mr. Lee shares with us below his aspirations for Ipoh ACS.


Lee Weng WohI was born in Ipoh just four days after our nation’s Independence Day. I had my primary education in Guru Nanak Primary School from 1964 until 1969, followed by my secondary education in Labrooy Secondary School (1970 – 1972) and Anderson School (1973 – 1976). I received my training as a teacher at Ipoh Teachers’ Training College and later obtained my Bachelor of Education degree from USM in 1987.

My first priority in ACS is to ensure and safeguard  that its ethos and character as a missionary school is not eroded. Next, it will be my aspiration to improve what the school has achieved so far as success is not an end by itself but rather it’s a journey. There’s still room for excellence both academically and in co-curricular fields especially in sports and co-academic activities. The other emphasis will be on holistic education for the students. Hence, I shall be consolidating all effort in raising not only the level of academic and co-curriculum achievement but also in enhancing discipline, civic-mindedness and the development of soft skills among the students.

A conducive school environment is very much a prerequisite for attaining further achievements for the school. In this aspect, the school will continue to work very closely with the Board of Governors, Parents and Teachers and the Alumni. I sincerely extend my invitation to the Board, the PTA and the Alumni to work together as a team so as to bring greater glory to our beloved ACS.

God bless.



We are introducing a new feature. Old Salts have been invited to share their experiences in different parts of the world where they have lived and worked.

The pioneer contributor is Dato’ Chong Peng Wah. Please access –

       Our Alumni Website > Our Alumni > Sojourns & Experiences

We hope that others will come forward to share their experiences too.

Your writings will not only inspire the present students but also those Old Boys who have yet to reach their career peaks.


“Where They Are Now”

Will all alumni including those who are members of the Alumni Association email the following to us at ipohacsalumni@gmail.com so that we can upload your most recent information onto our Website?

CURRENT RESIDENCE (state city of domicile) :


Be with us, be an Alumni Life Member. Our membership strength has grown at a vibrant pace. Life members only pay a one-off subscription of RM100.

We need an even larger increase in membership base. Two reasons: Firstly, to uphold and revive our premier Mission School identity. Secondly, to build on our capacity to do more for Ipoh ACS.

Joining Procedures:
1. Download the application form from our Alumni Website click here
2. Make payment for the RM100 one-off Life Member subscription either by inter-bank transfer; or by direct credit into our Association’s OCBC account; or by issuing a ringgit cheque.  OCBC Account No. 721 101 383 5
3. Mail the completed application form together with (i) receipt for inter-bank payment OR (ii) receipt evidencing direct account deposit OR (iii) a cheque payable to Persatuan Alumni Sekolah Anglo Chinese Ipoh to:-

The Secretariat
The Ipoh ACS Alumni Association
No. 47, 1st Floor,  Jalan Tokong

Ng Sake Hoe
Committee Member – Membership

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