The Roll of Presidents

Dato’ Dr. Khong Kam Tak  1923; 1935-37                 Mr. Chin Thin Yee 1937-41

Dr. Khong Kit Yew 1958-62                                          Mr. Chew Swee Kee 1962-64

Mr. Khong Kok Yat 1964-71                                      Dato’ Nagalingam Thurairajah 1983-86

Mr. Leong Yew Kee 1992-94                                     Dr. Cheong Teng Tong 1994-96

Dato’ Thong Fah Chong 2000-2002                        Mr. Looi Teik Aun 2002-08

Mr. Lee Seong Yan 2008-12                                     Datuk Lean Meng Seong 2012-14

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