Classes in 1965

Classes in 1965 captioned Combined Form 6 Lower and Upper classes.

Form 6 Upper  (Classes in 1965 captioned Combined Form 6 Lower and Upper classes)

Form 6 Upper Science B  1965

Front Row: Ding Su Hoon, Tew  Suwe Kiat,  Loke Wai Yue,  Ms Neoh ,  Sri Na Nagara, Foong Ah Yoong,  Teerath Ram, Tan Seng Huat,  Mrs Wong Chong Yim, JB Arumainayagam, Chan Siew Moon, Leong Sow Fei, Wong Swee Lin

Middle Row: Looi Teck Meow,  Foong Seng Kee,  Khoo Boon Hock,  Sarjeet Singh,  Saw Choo Boon, Ng Eng Teik,  Ng Tat Goh,  Chow Chong,  Khoo Soo Khiam,  Koay Joo Jiang, Arthur Reynolds, Chow Heap Yeong

Last Row : Teoh Seng Beng, Tung Kam Wah, Lim Kean Teik, Teh Ong Chai, Ho Kam Chon,  Ling Booi Ching, Lai Kok Mun,  Wong Ah Hoong, Phang Kwang Min,  Khoo Teng Lim, Y. Sivaloganathan,  Su Goo Lai, Gong Wee Ning, Peter Ling, Chang Ham Long

Form 6 Upper Arts A_1965

(l-r)  Colin Clark, Leong Wei Hoong, Wu Min Kuo, Foo Nyuk Yong, Carol Teoh, Choong Mee Ling, Chen Moi Kooi, Rohini Shanta, Jeanne Oliveiro, Yim Lin Heng, Cheah Tong Kim, Chew Beng Hian, Beant Singh, Yew Yong Hoo

(l-r)  Loh Siew Lin, Lily Wu, Lucy Ling, Teoh Kim Seing, Chong Yun Ling, Wong Mui Lan, Winnie Wong, Tan Lean Kim, Teoh Kim Lan, Leong Fee Yuen, Chin Poh Choo, Carol Cheah, Chang Poh Soon, Kusama Idris

(l-r)  N Parameswaran, Choy Nai Choong, Chong Chee Meng, Peggy Ooi, Lim Poh Choo, Ms Chong Nyuk Mui, Mr Teereth Ram, Rev Butler White, Mr George Koshy, Mr Yee Sze Onn, Stanley Kuppusamy, Lam Chook Hong, Lean Chee Seng, Khee Kok Chin

Form 5 Arts A 1965 

Seated (l. to r.)  :  Ng Kim Chua, Teh Hock Keat, Ng Yew Keong, Mr Hakumat Rai, Ms Tye Soh Sim, Mrs A. Jesuthasan, Mr Teerath Ram (Principal), Mr Tan Kean Hoe, Mr M.E. Moreira, Mr A. Kesavan, Mr Foong Ah Yoong, Lean Meng Seong, S. Krishnan, Eng Ah Ong

First Row (l. to r.) : Yap Kam Nam, K. Pasupathy, Ling Ching Chai, Cheah  Sam Kip, Cheah King Lee, Tham Tong Hoi, Chow Tuck Wah, Kok Ooi Sin, Lim Kheng Ee, Lim Chin Teong, William Balsingam, Chew Kean Soon, Huang Tzu Lian,  Cheong Lek Chye, Loke Khai Sang, Tan Boon Leong, Choong Chee Pew, Looi Teik Aun, Kirupalani

Second Row (l. to r.)  :    Leong Khai Wah, Kanagratnam, Ho Thak Chai, Ng Kien Hoong, Wong Sau Leong, Lai Chan Fah, Choo Kong Fee, Yee Woon Chew, Ramadass, Tan Kai Hoon, Narayanan Kanan, Lim Kean Hea, Choo Chiong Fah, Chuah Teck Ket, Cheang Him Kah, Chew Cheow Leng, Wong Heng Cheong

Absent :  Puni Lal

2 Responses to Classes in 1965

  1. 57 years ago, that’s a long time!! The photo transported me back to those ‘happy days’ in school. I don’t know when I’ll be back again & even if I do come back , it should be around the end of the year. Feel free to pass my email address to my ‘old’ classmates. Will be happy to hear from them again after all these years. Thanks again for your prompte reply…
    Best regards from Paris
    Kai Hoon

  2. Tony Rajoo says:

    I was in 5Arts C in 1965, Audrey Fong’s class. I believe she passed away 2 years ago.Reading some of the comments brings back a lot memories of my school days.Although I didn’t know a lot of them personally I do remember them .Some of them were in the sixth form esp. Rohini in upper six-had a crush on her and also knew Jean well as I was in her brother Ronald’s class in ACS kampar.I cant remember many of my class mates of ’65 arts c. Maybe a class photo will refresh my memory?I have been living in the UK since ’74.Will be glad to hear from anyone who remembers me.

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