Classes in 1966

Form 6 Upper Science A 1966

Form 6 Upper Science B

Form 6 Upper Science B

SEATED, FRONT ROW: (L TO R) Tan Kok Hiang;Tang Kwok Leong;Ng Yee Hing;Lim Jit Kai;Thiruchelvam;Steven Appaduray;Chong Chee Tut;Miss Neoh Poh Gaik;Miss Tai Soh Sim;Ng Sake Hoe;Lam Kok Meng;Lo Tuck Khong;Woo Weng Kong,Chow Thim Kwong.

STANDING, CENTRE ROW: (L TO R) Tseng Kok Keong;Lai Ah Lam;Rakesh Joshi;Chan You Meng;Kong Khai Yeng;Kok Tong Choo;David Teh;Aw Kong Joun;Lee Siew Cheong;Lee Poh Chin;Chan Nyat Chee;Ding Teck Chai;Tan Hung Chuar,Tan Yein Kim;Chow Yue Wah

STANDING, BACK ROW: (L TO R) Gan Chiang Hoe;Ramesh Kumar;Lai Hee Cheng;Foong Yue Hoong;Cheong Wai Chum;Tan Bok Eng;Chew Kiat Eng;Chieng Boon Ngoum;Foo Chong Kim;Loh Wing Yip;Yip Tok Lum;Lee Chun Fook;Chung Yaw Seong’

ABSENT: Malcolm Charles Sweatman;Lam Chee Chiew;Chew Kam Chooi.

Form 5 Science A 1966

Form 5 Science B 1966

8 Responses to Classes in 1966

  1. Wong Yoke Lin says:

    hi, I am wong yoke lin,..i would like to know the where about of Mr Tseng Kok Keong, as he was Ex Teacher at Raja Perempuan, Ipoh from 1969- 1976…and we Alumni hope ACS alumni can help us, so he can reconnect with all his ex students for a reunion in 2013..tks

  2. Lean Meng Seong says:

    Hi Yoke Lin,
    I have passed on your request to Ng Sake Hoe, Mr. Tseng’s classmate, to see whether he can assist you. Regards.

    • Ng Sake Hoe says:

      Hi Yoke Lin,

      My apologies for the late comment as I was away on holidays. I will put the word out to my classmates of Form 5 (1066) and try to trace Tseng Kok Keong for you. I will let you know as soon as I have any news. Regards

  3. chin c yeow says:

    Sake Hoe,
    U were in my brother’s year at ACS. Please contact me if you wish.

    • Ng Sake Hoe says:

      chin c yeow,
      Your brother, Chin Hock, Dennis, was my good friend in school. The last time I met him was when he returned to Malaysia with his two children for a visit a couple of years ago.
      Your other brother, Chin Huat, taught me in primary school.

      • Chin c Yeow says:

        Hi Sake hoe,
        Thanks for your quick response. Unfortunately Denis chin hock passed away in 2008.
        Billy chin huat is still in Ipoh. Not sure if the acs alumni has ever reached out to him as he was an old boy and taught for numerous years. I guess with the change in the national education scheme, he ended at a local Malay school in Ipoh. I hope my older brother will allow me to reach out in Ipoh world about his time at this Malay medium school. All the best, alan
        Ps, both of Denis’ kids are doing well. I have been able to have them reach out to one of my nieces who is presently studying at Sheffield univ.

  4. Ng Sake Hoe says:

    Hi Alan,
    My apologies. I must have got the year that Dennis last visited Malaysia with his two children mixed up. It did not seem that long ago. His school mates in ACS had numerous gatherings with him both in Ipoh and in KL before he returned to UK.. I caught up with him in the KL gatherings.
    I was hoping to meet up with Chin Huat at the Annual Alumni Dinner in Ipoh on 4th August this year, but was not able to. I have not seen him for a few years now.

    By the way, are you based in USA or UK?

  5. chin c yeow says:

    Hi Sake Hoe,
    Delicate issues, as I have endured the passing of 2 siblings in London and Leicester (Junie, Chin Bee in 1990, senior sister, St. Georges, London, ex MGS and Dennis Chin Hock, production manager, textiles in 2008, Leicester, ex ACS).
    My sister was in London, for many years, and during the 3 years prior to her passing, I met numerous folks, (many were from Ipoh) that were so dedicated and wonderful to her, as she fought cancer,
    Dennis endured his health issues for four odd years.
    You probably wonder why I would have contacted you after all these years.
    It has been very difficult emotionally for me to return to UK (even though it is a short flight, we consider the travel as going across the pond),
    I am aware that Denis had met you folks on his two last trips back to My. However, with Chin Bee, I obviously have lost contact with her friends both in UK and in Malaysia. I am hoping that through this blog, or through MGS alumni, some one may recognize our names. She was also the church secretary at Wesley Church, Lahat Road for many years.
    I want all these wonderful people that have known both of them, that Chin Ai, ex MGS, Chin Huat, ex ACS, and also teacher ACS Primary and I are very appreciative of their kindness. It has been many, many years but one should never forget the support.
    I have been in the states since 69. Married 38 years, three kids. Better half, (Sue loves durian, and eats nasi kandar, with her hands and on banana leaf) and kids have balik kampung on their own since they were in their teens.
    I hope Chin Bee and Chin Hock’s friends will see this and I will be delighted and happy to rekindle the friendship. Chin Bee’s friends may now understand why my subsequent trips to London, came to a halt.
    Please feel free to contact me at
    Best Regards, Alan Yeow Chin Chai, ex ACS.

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