Invitation to Join

The Ipoh ACS Alumni Association is the Alumni Association for all Past Students of our Alma Mater . All graduates, teachers and ex-teachers are cordially invited to join the Ipoh ACS Alumni Association.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for membership, applicants must be former students of the Ipoh ACS Secondary or Primary Schools   or  be teachers or ex  teachers  of the said  Ipoh ACS. For details on Membership, please refer to “About Us>The Constitution > Rule VI: Membership” in our Website.


For convenience and to save on administrative work and expenses  for both Alumni and the Association , Applicants are encouraged to become  Life Members of the Alumni Association. The fee for Life Membership is a one-time payment of RM $100. The other forms of Membership and the fees payable are:

Ordinary Members: RM 10 per annum

Associate Members: RM 5 per annum.

How To Apply

Applicants are kindly requested to submit applications as follows:

(1)  In person or by post to the Alumni Association Secretariat the address of which is as follows:   

    Alumni Association Secretariat

   Ipoh ACS Alumni Association

    3A Jalan Yang Kalsom

    30250 Ipoh


 (2)  Include  payment of fees applicable for the appropriate Membership type. Checques or TT are to be made payable to:

Persatuan Alumni Sekolah Anglo Chinese Ipoh ,

OCBC Ipoh , A/C No: 721-101383-5

Complete the Application form a copy of which is attached herewith. Please download and use as appropriate. Online applications will be made posible in future after all necessary support systems are put in place. Should you need any further information, kindly contact us through this website.