Updating Alumni Contact

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4 Responses to Updating Alumni Contact

  1. Hsu King Bee says:

    Appreciate if correction could be made to Hsu King Bee’s email address which should read kbgenf06@gmail.com and not kbgenfo6@gmail.com

  2. Leaw See Cheng says:

    Please amend my details in your membership record and where are they now pages
    My name should be Cheng Leaw See
    Not Cheng Lean See
    My email address is leawseecheng@hotmail.com
    Not leanseecheng@hotmail.com
    I am residing in Melbourne , Australia
    My qualification :- Master Applied Science Sonography (RMIT), Graduate Diploma Ultrasonography, Graduate Diploma Education(university of Melbourne), Diploma College of Radiography ( London )
    Retired Chief Radiographer of Radar Medical Imaging , Melbourne

  3. Leaw See Cheng says:

    Please also make amendment to the membership record
    I left ACS 1969 form 6 Upper Science A
    I was in Horley Hall 1966 to 1969
    Like to say hi to all old boarders and Mr Brian Fernander
    Like to hear from anyone please email me at

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