Lee Seong Yan is looking for long lost classmates

Other classmates who are still around but difficult to contact are :-

Chan Boon Chin (from Chan Sam Lock Photo Studio)

Chan Ngau

Lai Weng Chuen

Chen Fun Cheong

Leong Ah Onn

Dato Choo Siew Kioh (former ambassador to Switzerland and Suhakam member)

Peter Shanta in KL

Lee Wai Yin in KL

Oei Peng Eong in KL

M. Shanmugam

Once found, leave a comment


click to email us @  ‘ ipohacsalumni@gmail.com ‘

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11 Responses to Lee Seong Yan is looking for long lost classmates

  1. Chan Ngow says:

    Hi Mr Lee Seong Yan,
    I am Chan Ngow and contactable at 012 2075375 and my email is ngowchan@yahoo.com.
    I am currently in KL and do go back to Ipoh once a month. It will be great to meet up the gang and share memories. Looking forward to hear from the gang.
    chan ngow

  2. Mahan Singh Gill says:

    Just tell us when you are coming to KL and I will round our Form 5 classmates up for you.
    Mahan Singh 012 3297108

  3. Wong Tuck Yeong says:

    Hi, Lee Seong Yan, (Lee Seong Yan is looking for long lost classmates). I am Wong Tuck Yeong who had been residing in UK since 1966. The last time I met a classmate was in KL some 20 years ago. It was a meeting with Shanmugam. Love to meet as many as possible, maybe on 3rd or 4th August during our Reunion Dinner.

  4. Choo Siew Kioh says:

    Hi! Wong Tuck Yeong, I am sure that you must be the same chap who lived on Hugh Low Street and was friends with Cheah Choi Kow and Chung Yoke Chee (deceased). Lee Seong Yan was also a classmate. I was from Kampar – Choo Siew Kioh. I have made KL my home base since I began my working life.

    • Wong Tuck Yeong says:

      Hi, Siew Kioh. It is more than half a century ago since we last met or spoke with each other. I remember you and Kai Toh from Kampar. However, I have met friends who told me that you were in the diplomatic service. I visit Malaysia once or twice a year. Will fly into KL on 27.07.12. Please contact me on and hopefully we can arrange to meet. I have a condo near One Utama. Tuck Yeong

    • Wong Tuck Yeong says:

      My email address is tuck.w@ntlworld.com

  5. Wong Tuck Yeong says:

    Yes received your email but unfortunately it was deleted by accident before I could copy your address. Please let me have your EM add again. Tuck Yeong

  6. Alex Teoh says:

    Hi Mr Lee Seong Yan,
    I’m Alex Teoh here, have something need to verify with you. Please email to me alexteoh100@gmail.com or call me 019-4195550. Thank You!

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