Slobodan Radic looking for old classmates from years 70-71

My name is Slobodan Radic.I was an ACS pupil from Jan 1970. to May 1971 during which period I lived with my parents in Ipoh.My father was an UN expert working at Ungku Omar Polytechnic School.We came from Yugoslavia. I believe during this time I was the  only foreigner in ACS.I loved this excellent school. The knowledge I gained during this period was my great capital I utilized during my further education.

At present, I live in Belgrade Serbia.I do plan to come to Malaysia for a vacation and visit Ipoh.It would be good if I could meet some of the friends from my class 4 Sc. A, (1970) and 5 Sc. B (1971).I am attaching a photo of my 4 Sc. A (class 1970).

I am in the middle row, just behind our geography teacher and without spectacles.

It would be great if you could help me post this photo on most appropriate site in a hope that someone might see it and contact me.

4 Responses to Slobodan Radic looking for old classmates from years 70-71

  1. Kenny Tan says:

    Hi Radic, I am standing on the same row as you, next to Weng Kong (the tallest in the class). I do occaisonally do keep in contact with them. Some are still in Ipoh (John Teh, Foo Chow, Weng Kong), others in KL (Fook Keong, Seang Seng, Ashok, Sum Boon), Singapore (Chin Hock, Hock Siang, Kok Soon). I left Malaysia and am currently living in North America. Best wishes Kenny Tan

  2. Ng See Bun says:

    Hello Radic, I was in 5 Sc B and were classmates for a few months. I am presently living in Kuala Lumpur and do meet up regularly with dear old friends from Year 1971-73 for dinners. We have a 40th anniversary reunion last year in Awana Genting with friends coming back from US, Hongkong, Singapore, etc. I shall be meeting up with old chums again on August 2, 2014 for the 119th ACS Ipoh Alumni Dinner in Ipoh. Drop me your email and I can link you with over 100 classmates and schoolmates from Year 1971-73. Sincerely, Ng See Bun

  3. Lee Chee Keong says:

    Hi Radic, Lee Chee Keong. Just saw your posting. I don’t know if this still works. Hope it does.

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