Foo Nyuk Yong


Two years; I spent two years studying in the Anglo-Chinese (S) School, Ipoh, in the sixties and they were two truly happy years of my youth.

Recollections of daily class routines have dimmed but certain memories of this two-year period in a co-ed school bring a sense of warmth to my mind.  I remember with fondness my class (37 of us in all) where many deep friendships were forged. I still cherish the comradeship we shared in this class and this bond with many of my classmates has endured till this day.

Aiming for good results never stopped us from having fun.  There was this group (most of our 13 boys) who cheekily invented nicknames (mostly not complimentary) for many of our 24 girls to best suit our appearance or disposition.  (After I left school, I found out that I was conferred the flattering name of Fatty Foo.  Amazing alliteration!)  The girls never retaliated.  And, of course, we cracked jokes (fortunately without malice) of each other and about our teachers and friends. When we behaved properly, we bonded. When we did not, we played mischievous tricks on friends and teachers. We found time to turn up in force to support our school teams in inter-school competitions, debates, elocution and talent time contests, and sports events.  At that time only a few lucky ones amongst us had their own cars for transport around town.  The less lucky relied on other transport modes to move them around – most on their Raleigh bicycles; some on the public bus; or, when economy is required, on that pair of trusted feet. We were unflinching in our support of our teams, though very often we arrived at the various venues at different speeds times of our different transport modes.

Nobody mentioned race or religion in our discussions, serious or trivial.  We were all schoolmates attending the same classes and participating in the same activities in the same school.

Our teachers were generally well respected and even those who did not teach in our class would smile warmly when we wished them in the early mornings.  To Mr Teerath Ram, our grateful thanks for immense contributions during his time as Principal.  He gave us our own swimming pool, a brand new library, a lecture theatre and much more.  I am sure there would be many more forthcoming tributes to the other Principals and teachers on this website.

There was MUSIC in the Ipoh ACS air thanks to the two Chins, Mr Chin San Sooi and Mr Chin Yoong Kim, whom we shall always remember as the stalwarts of our school stage.  We have an established and solid tradition of Shakespearean productions in our school hall, and two performers left a lasting impression on me.  Julie Doong, pretty and greatly impressive in her role as Lady Macbeth, teamed well with the then young but already imposing M Manogaran as the troubled Macbeth.  Together with teachers, many others – students in major and minor roles; the stage/lighting crews; the music bands; the prefects and student brigades; played their part in many such memorable productions.

Famous “old salts” of the ACS stage include Eddy Chin with his wondrous voice, our very own outstanding “Fiddler”, Romesh Roy, and many others who made unforgettable appearances on our school stage.  The world renowned Dato’ Michelle Yeoh Choo Kheng too was on our ACS stage as lead dancer in “Carousel” when she was in Form Three.

It may be of interest to alumni that, in recent months, a group of old boys and girls got together and sponsored the ELLI Programme for the school.  This is a computer programme which helps participating students gauge their own strengths and weaknesses in approach to work and of social attitudes.  Teachers have volunteered and joined in to help them work towards overcoming the problems identified in the programme.  Dato’ Lean Meng Seong led the drive for sponsors and fifteen other supporters came forward to fund the programme. We hope many more alumni will jump on this website wagon to offer workable ideas and suggestions which will benefit our alma mater.

Thank you, ACS Ipoh, for great memories of my two years.  And, without the slightest doubt, “I’M PROUD I’M A STUDENT OF THE ACS”.



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2 Responses to Foo Nyuk Yong

  1. Chang Ham Long says:

    When I met Nyuk Yong at our reunion in August , she reminded me that I gave her a black eye during the ACS mixed doubles badminton final in 1965. It was my partner Chin Poh Choo who hit the shuttle at her, when she partnered Tan Teong Ho ( school Badminton Champion). It was a mixed doubles pair against a doubles pair, having Chin Poh Choo ( girls school champion ) as my partner!
    Dr Chang Ham Long , 1965 Form 6 Upper Science B

  2. Chang Ham Long says:

    I made a mistake on the name of my partner. She is Chin Poh Choo whom I have the pleasure of meeting again in August.

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